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1. Stalin: Background & rise to power
Biographies | The succession
2. The Stalinist state:
Stalinism | Local Control |
Cult of the Personality | Propaganda
     Economy, 1927-41  (separate page)
Collectivisation & 5 Year Plans
    The Terror  (separate page)
    Women   (separate page)
3. Cultural Policy
4. Death of Stalin
5. General sites
Stalin Documents
Other core casahistoria Russia/USSR pages:

Background to Revolution
1917 Revolutions
Lenin´s Russia
Stalin: Economics & Terror, 1927-41

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1. Stalin: Background & Rise to Power
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1917 Click to go the casahistoria site on the 1917 revolutions
Lenin’s Russia Click for extensive links on the casahistoria page

  • Stalin AKA Josef Vissarionovich Dzughashvili Barebones details from a new site, NNDB. Clearly set out and good links to basic info on other leading figures connected with Stalin
  • CNN Cold War: Stalin  Fine outline bio of Stalin, from CNN's Cold War series §
  • The warlords: Joseph Stalin. Another TV piece: Channel 4 background article on Stalin. Good potted bio. §
  • Joseph Stalin Interesting modern Russian bio of the Soviet leader from the Russian international TV news channel RT Russia. As it concludes: “Today the role of Stalin in Russian history is the subject of bitter public debate, with a number of Russian history textbooks calling him “an effective manager” and others presenting him as absolute evil.”
  • Stalin Biographical Chronicle  Extremely detailed chronology of Stalin, pick a year from (the minutely printed) timeline and get a blow by blow listing of Stalins activities day by day almost ....  Can be slow to load. be patient!
  • Stalin, his father and the Rabbit Full and detailed review of the book on Young Stalin by Simon Sebag Montefiore. This is a good article by the author which could save you the 300 pages of the book...
  • Another View of Stalin by Ludo Martens a Belgian historian noted for his work on the Soviet Union. He is chairman of the Belgian Workers Party. The full text of the book in English. Now divided into three pdf’s to make access easier. The link is to part 1. Click for  Part II and/or  Part III
  • Two brief extracts on Stalin's personality:
    • Twenty Letters to a Friend (1967) a psychological insight into Stalin's personality from his daughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva §
    • Khrushchev Remembers (1971) a psychological insight into Stalin's personality from Nikita Khrushchev, a close colleague and future leader of the Soviet Union §
  • Stalinka Univ of Pittsburgh website of images and intended exclusively for educational and research purposes. Well set out & worth exploring to see his life in pictures.
The succession






2. The Stalinist State
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Stalinism Local Control Cult of the Personality Propaganda
  • The Commissar Vanishes Well produced site looking at the way photography was manipulated during the Stalin period
  • The Chairman Smiles: Soviet Posters "By 1930, propaganda focuses on political discipline and the Five Year Plans, ambitious programs for the collectivization of agriculture and establishment of heavy industry. The posters give a powerful, dynamic impression, using photomontage, compositions with diagonal lines, and strong contrasts in colours and shapes."
  • Museum of Russian Poster. Good chronological listing of posters by year from this Russian site.
  • The Soviet Poster- Revolution by Design Clearly explained and illustrated sections on the main aspects the poster on Stalinist policies. Click on the "View posters" by each section to see all the posters.
  • Soviet Constructivistic propaganda 1920 - 1929 Visually interesting site of examples of constructive agitprop. §
  • "Life's Getting Better" In 1934, Stalin announced in a speech that "life was getting better" as a result of his program and encouraged artists to promote the "better life" of the Soviet Union. One of the best-known songs of these years was the 1936 "Life's Getting Better," written by Aleksandr Aleksandrov, founder and leader of the Red Army Ensemble. From the Mosaic site (can be slow to load). §
Collected Documents



    Economics: 1927-41: Overview

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Go to casahistoria site on Stalin's Economy, 1927-41


Sections include:
Economy, 1927-41: Overview |  Collectivisation |Ukraine Famine 1932-3 |  Industry: 5 Year Plans | Stakhanovite Movement


    The Terror 

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Go to casahistoria site on The Terror


Sections include:
What it was | Show Trials | Gulags



    Women in Stalin's Russia

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Women in Totalitarian States: For extensive links to Women in Stalinist Russia click to visit the Stalin's Russia section of the casahistoria site. This also has comparisons with women in other single party states.


Sections include:

The role of women | Women & economy | Women and art | Women and the Purges | Great Patriotic War



3. Cultural Policy

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What happened - and the impact:
  • Music under Soviet Rule - Designed by the late Ian MacDonald (the author of "The New Shostakovich") Very technical but of interest should you wish to be a musician interested in the history of Soviet music.


4. Death of Stalin

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  • Requiem From the Mosaic Western Civilisation site. "Historians have struggled to understand Stalinism and particularly the Great Terror, which reached its peak in 1937. Perhaps the last voice should be Anna Akhmatova's (1889-1966). Akhmatova, a poet, saw her husband, the poet Nikolai Gumilyov, arrested and shot by Soviet authorities in 1921. Her son, Lev, was arrested in 1937. The poem "Requiem," reproduced here, offers her testimony of the Stalin era.
  • Stalin's Body Removed From Lenin's Tomb After his death in 1953, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin's remains were embalmed and put on display next to Vladimir Lenin. Why did the Soviet government change their mind? What happened to Stalin's body after it was removed from Lenin's tomb?
  • "Stalin Old and New" Looks at the legacy of Stalin with regard to the collapse of communism by Anthony D'Agostino The Russian Review, vol. 54, no. 3, July 1995


5. General Information

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  • Soviet Union From the Library of Congress Country Studies . Uncited, but clear, concise and thorough description of the key stages, both before and after the events of 1917. Well presented.
  • Russian Studies on the Internet  A very thorough, and quite academic listing of sites relevant to Russian History. For serious casahistorians in particular, but difficult to navigate.  
  • Red Files PBS overview site on the USSR. Interactive and looks good, but is actually a nightmare to navigate. Propaganda section is the most useful.

Who is who? A set of brief biographies of key figures during the Revolutionary period 
Glossary An explanation of the main events, words, places connected with Russia, 1917-41
Timeline of Stalin A basic timeline of key events during the Stalin era

Links to documentary evidence
  • Chronology of Russian History: Soviet Period  A well presented university site, looking at the grand sweep of Russian/Soviet history from a chronological position. Good linked access to documents such as  Tsar´s abdication letter, Order No 1, April Theses...  §
  • History of the Soviet Union This website of translated documents by the Univ of East Anglia  is designed to give students easy access to a wide selection of sources on Russian history translated into English and available electronically.  §
  • Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Russian Revolution Key Documents on the revolutionary period
  • PLP translations: an enormous number of books/documents translated by Computer Based Learning Unit, University of Leeds. This links to the enormous index. Good for browsing for sample documents - but you need a general idea of what/who you are looking for as the index is author based, not thematic  §
  • J. V. Stalin Internet  Library. Very large collection of Stalin speeches and writing. Set out chronologically from the Marx2Mao site
  • Stalin Reference Archive: Large compendium of Stalin writing & speeches by Marxists Internet Archive (at times inaccessible if download limit is exceeded!)



the casahistoria Russia/USSR core sites:
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  Background to Revolution
1917 Revolutions
  Lenin´s Russia  
  Stalin's Russia 1927-39
  Stalin: Economics & Terror, 1927-41  



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