the arab-israeli conflict, 1947-67   

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Due to the very polarised nature of this topic, users are advised to consider carefully the provenance of the links included as well as their content. The links included here are an attempt to provide items of value where partiality is least. Several resources have been excluded due to their bias obscuring the value to a historian.

  British mandate in Palestine Go to the casahistoria site for detailed background links to the Arab-Israeli Conflict 

1. Key Beliefs
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Zionism Emergence of Arabism & Palestinian nationalism



2. British withdrawal, establishment of Israel & 1948/49 war 

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Failure of the Mandate

See the casahistoria site the The British Mandate in Palestine for extensive links to background events prior to 1947. In particular with regard to:
  • Prelude to Statehood from History of Israel by US Library of Congress Outline Country Study from Helen Chapin Metz, 1988. Examines in detail the events that led to the announcement of the Israeli State and the failure of the Mandate.
  • Lost Jerusalem. Short essay by Dr Robert Carr looks at Britain's failure to run the mandate. Useful concise overview.
  • Towards Nakba: The Failure of the British Mandate of Palestine Academic Masters thesis (100+ pages) by N E Mitchell (Louisiana Univ) looks at reasons for the failure of British policy to create a bi-national Arab-Zionist state in Palestine
  • Arabs and Jews to 1950 Overview essay by Frank E. Smitha as part of his World History site describing events from World War II to the creation of Israel
United Nation Partition Plan US Position 1948 "Independence/Nakba" War 
  The Palestinian diaspora 1947 onwards Go to the casahistoria page Arab Israeli Conflict Part 2 for detailed links to this and the population movements following the wars 1948-67.



3. The Israeli State

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4.  Wars of 1956 and 1967 

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  • The 1956 Suez War Useful overview article from Aljazeera
  • 1956 Suez War Background information using a variety of historians from Israeli-Palestinian Site.
  • Egypt 1956 War Overview article describing Egypts role in the 1956 War. From
  • 1956 second Arab-Israeli War Outline history cross linked to other site information from History of the Middle East Database
  • 1956 Olympic Boycott Over Suez Crisis article on how Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt boycotted the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia, over Israel's invasion of the Sinai and Gaza Strip.

British & French involvement in Suez Crisis: see the detailed links on the casahistoria African decolonisation site.

Six Day War of 1967 



Part II: 1947-67 Consequences and Camp David (on a separate page)
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  Population Movements Continued immigration |The Palestinian diaspora 1947 onwards | Arab world evictions of Jewish settlements |  
  Growing terror & Emergence of militant Arab resistance:
Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) |
Fatah | Hamas Other groups
  October War of 1973  
  Camp David & Egyptian-Israeli Peace Accords: Role of the USA in conflict | Camp David Agreements    

The casahistoria core Middle East pages:

    British Mandate in Palestine
    The Arab Israeli conflict, 1947-78  
    The British in Mesopotamia/Iraq
    Iraq, Hussein, the West & War




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