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   Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (1811 – 1888), Argentine activist, intellectual, writer, statesman and the 7th President. Writings spanned a wide range of genres and topics, from journalism to autobiography, to political philosophy and history. He was a member of a group of intellectuals, known as the "Generation of 1837", who had a great influence on nineteenth-century Argentina and was particularly concerned with educational issues. casahistoria - web site for students of modern history!

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1. General
2. Political Background
3. Internal Conflict & Expansion
Conquest of the Desert
4. Foreign Policy
Triple Alliance War | Naval Expansion |
World War 1
5. Economics & Prosperity
British Influence
6. Society
Immigration | Afro-Argentines
7. General Sites on Argentine history
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   Independence & Confederation
   Immigration into Argentina
  Perόn's Argentina
  The Military and aftermath
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1. General Background
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See these casahistoria sites for further background:

19th century Latin America: visit the casahistoria general Latin American page for many more background sites.
20th century Latin America: visit the casahistoria general Latin American page for many more background sites.  







2. The Political Background
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Argentina: Independence & Confederation before 1852 Visit this casahistoria site for links to the early history of Argentina.

19th century:
     Key Presidents Early 20th century:
Key Presidents:



3. Internal Conflict & Expansion

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Internal conflict Expansion

     Conquest of the Desert 
  • Conquest of the Desert Overview piece to provide a starter.
  • Two chapters from the useful History of Argentine Foreign Policy by the Univ of CEMA, Buenos Aires:
  • Nicolás Avellaneda (1837 - 1885) Outline bio of the Conquest President by Felipe Pigna
  • Genocidios (Genocide) Article by Luis Bruschtein in Pagina/12. Argues that the expansion of Roca was a genocide, despite recent attempts to praise the work of Roca. However is perhaps a little harsh on Argentina - the lethal expansion was part of the contemporary European template for expansion and white Argentina was "just" playing its part in this.....
  • Ceferino Namuncurá Article about the beatification of a chieftain's son killed whilst serving in the Argentine Army under Roca in the notorious Wars against the indigenous tribes. Draws paralleles with the RC's church support for Roca's repression and the repression of the military junta 100 years later.
  • Aboriginal victims of Argentina's 'silent genocide' By Andres Schipani in Chaco's Villa Rio Bermejito. 2007 article from The Independent on continuing persecution of Argentina's indigenous peoples. 
  • La Guerra del Desierto (War of the Desert), different views Unorthodox presentation but worth a look at by Juan José Cresto, Osvaldo Bayer and others.
  • El primer triunfo (The first triumph) It is not only in eastern Europe where street names are being changed as history is revised. This article draws attention to the changing of (one of the hundreds) of streets named after "Remington" Roca of the War of the Desert.  Based around a loose review (by Osvaldo Bayer) of a newly released biography of Roca by General Alfredo Manuel Arrillaga the article also illustrates the problems when revising history, especially where national icons are concerned.
  • Argentine Literature and the 'Conquest of the Desert', 1872-1896 Valuable and well illustrated piece looks at the attitudes towards the Conqest as reflected in argentine contemporary writing. Jens Andermann, Birkbeck College





4. Foreign Policy

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The Triple Alliance War, 1864-70
  • The Triple Alliance War, 1864-1870 Straightforward account from
  • The Triple Alliance War, 1864-70 Conflict that put the Argentina Confederation, Brazilian Empire and Uruguay up against the Republic of Paraguay. The (somewhat confused) site tells the story and has sections on related military developments in the southern cone. At times it needs patience to use. Also: turn off the music!
Naval Growth World War 1     

World War I For further links to the war in general go to this young casahistoria site.






5. Economics & Prosperity

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British influence in the Argentine Economy




6. Society & Immigration

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  Immigration into Argentina Go to this casahistoria site for links to the causes, issues and contexts surrounding European emigration to Argentina. 
  African - Argentines


7. General Sites on Argentine History
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  • Lanic Academic Resources Index for Argentina: Excellent guide to key areas research. Including a list of all University sites. 
  • A Brief History of 19th Century Argentina A student history for starters §
  • Argentina: Rocky Road to Modernity For a brief introductory timeline history from PBS. Published as background to their The Empty ATM programme on the 2002 collapse
  • Argentinos en la historia (Argentines in history) Photos and links to sites about key Argentines from Belgrano to Maradonna. Basic. Can be slow to load in northern hemisphere. Be patient.
  • El Historiador Articles on Argentine history and history in general. Stylish magazine format Very thorough. Spanish language pages can be google translated. Can be slow to load in northern hemisphere. Be patient.
  • El Sur del Sur: The Southernmost South An award winning site produced by Farber, a Bs As media company, this gives a general overview of history, culture and aspects of life in the southern cone in Argentina. Not academically of the highest quality but useful for facts and summary outlines.The site is bilingual: click on a flag to select your preferred language   
  • Museos argentinos Get to know the local museums!! Well presented, visually interesting, the site tells you about local places to visit, activities being organised. There are also links to overseas museums. 
  • Historia del País  An encyclopaedic site: mainly narrative but easy to use and many images. Good for general information. Excellent reference site with many sections (however the site availability is erratic, sometimes it is unobtainable if it is used too much .....) Currently being revamped - not any easier to use though! 
Documentary Resources
  • Documents for the history of Argentina A selection of documents on aspects of Argentina´s history and society. Largely limited to the last 20 years. From the World History Archive Group
  • Argentine Sourcebook By T Edsell. A useful site with many items of everyday social history interest.  §
  • Fotos Antiguas Photos of old Buenos Aires. Good selection (and many more categories by using the index on the left hand side) Commentary in Spanish.
  • Fotografias from Historia del País. You need to click on fotografias on the strap line then pick a decade.
  • Argentine Presidential Messages Collection of presidential messages from the 19th through 20th century.
  • For current developments to the national history themes:
    • Yahoo Argentina news excellent resource for current news items (in English) on Argentina
    • Lanic Newsroom Texas Univ site for links to the recent news themes on Latin America in general



other casahistoria core sites on argentine history:

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  Independence & Confederation
    The Republic before Perón
    Immigration into Argentina
    Perόn's Argentina
  The Military and aftermath




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