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1. Background
2. The War
Events | Impact on the land |
Impact in the cities| Women & Children
3. Franco
4. Nationalist Combatants
5. Republican Combatants
Communists & Anarchists |
International Brigades |
Reaction of Foreign Governments
6. Reaction of Foreign Governments
7. Visual & literary materials
Posters | Photographs & drawings |
Guernica | Literature | Music 
8. Analysis
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1. Background
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Franco's Spain For extensive links to Franco's Spain go to the casahistoria Franco site


Unrest before 1936





2. The War
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There are many left wing/anarchist links and sites to the period. These links try to provide a broad a spectrum as possible. Nationalist sites are very rare - at least in English.

Key events

  •  The Spanish Civil War - Another excellent Spartacus site. Access to events, battles, individuals, all logically set out. A one-stopper for the civil war.
  • Spain's Civil War  From the March of Time site. Uses brief narrative and audio/newsreel extracts to show the progress of the war.
  • Map of the Civil War. Shows the general progress of the war clearly.
  • Spanish Civil War 1936-39 from Armed Conflict Events Data site
  • The Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939 from A History of Spain & Portugal by SG Payne, Library of Iberian Resources Online/ University of Central Arkansas. Outline in textbook format.
  • Spanish Civil War Directory An interesting site, looking at links to Civil War sites in the many languages of Europe. The front page and the “essential” websites page are in English and Spanish, the rest only in Spanish. These pages have been elaborated in the framework of the European Virtual School History Department's project "Europe and the Spanish Civil War" to chronicle the various European responses to the Spanish War of the 1936-39.  
  • Spanish Civil War Extensive (and often esoteric) articles from the left wing site on aspects of the Republican war
  • The Anarchist Revolution in Spain account by Cyril Connolly in the New Statesman or 21st November 1936 of the anarchist revolution during the Spanish Civil War
  • The Spanish Civil War: An Analysis A military analysis of the Civil War from a 2003 paper to the US National War College using the theories of Clausewitz and Sun Tzu.....  By Adam Namm

Air War

Naval War Impact on the land Impact in the cities
Women & Children
  • Los niños de la guerra (the children of the war) Lushly produced site, preserves the memories of Spaniards who were children during the war. Has Republican posters focusing on children and a short essay by Teresa Férriz on the use of such posters.
  • Women and Images of Women in the Spanish Civil War Academic article by Frances Lannon, "Women and Images of Women in the Spanish Civil War", Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 1 (1991)
  • De toda la vida / All their lives The story of Spanish women in the progressive labour movement in 1936 and beyond.  In Spanish with English subtitles.


3. Franco

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Franco's Spain For extensive links to Franco's Spain go to the casahistoria Franco site


For comparisons with other single party ideologies, go to casahistoria Ideologies of left & right page


4. Nationalist Combatants 
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  • Nationalist Veteran Julian Laplaza Perez was a 15-year-old soldier for the Nationalist side in the Spanish Civil War. More than 70 years later, Laplaza tells his reason and experience fighting against the Republic in the war. The conflicts Laplaza lived through tell a story of a boy's first hand experience with the war. Univ of Texas.
  • Franco and the Nationalists Video of interviews with Nationalists/Falangists. Looks at why the right grew in support. Commentary is relatively objective but has sudden end - need to conyinue by clicking on the next episode...
  • Spanish Civil War: 75 Years Later  Article shows why support was present for Nationalists amongst Spanish Catholics By Victor Gaetan of Catholic Education Resource Center.
  • Fascists and Catholics and General Franco Concise but useful 2011 review of a Sid Lowe article examining the right in the years leading up to the Spanish Civil War, providing a major reinterpretation of the basis of Spanish Fascism.
  • The Spanish Civil War 1936 - 39 Looks at the armoured weapons used by the Nationalists but does write of the lack of images of Nationalist supporters.
  • España es mi canción: Nationalist songs from the civil war, collected by the Frente de Juventudes
Foreign Nationalist Support




5. Republican Combatants

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       Foreign involvement
  • Amigas de Brigadas Internacionales Site of the Spanish "Friends of the International Brigade" This link is to the obituary page which carries brief notices on individual members recently passed away which contain useful links to fuller obituaries in the world press. These are clear to see even if you are relying on Google to translate.
  • International Volunteers in the POUM Militias Left wing article written by Andy Durgan, historical consultant for the Ken Loach film Land and Freedom, the article also contains a list of international volunteers in the POUM militia.
  • Australian:
  •  British:
    • Volunteers In The British Battalion In The Spanish Civil War Useful site with potted histories of key stages of wr where British volunteers were involved, links to other AV and internet resources as well as books
    • Spanish Civil War Interviews: The UK Guardian has interviewed 23 of the 40 survivors. Here are their accounts. Ian Aitken introduces our interviews with the last survivors. Pictures by Eamonn McCabe. Very good piece of documentation. See also the accompanying Last of the brigade.
    • Dreams and Nightmares In 1976 the International Brigade Association celebrated its 40th Anniversary Reunion.  In response to this event, the Sound Archive of the Imperial War Museum began an oral history project on the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).  Also:
    • Listen to oral extracts from some of the interviews with International Brigade veterans.  The Spanish Civil War sound collection is largely made up of interviews with British people who served with the International Brigades.  There are also recordings of medical aid workers, non-British volunteers, Spanish soldiers and Spanish civilians and refugees. The collection contains very few interviews with soldiers who fought with Franco's forces. Appeals for Nationalist veterans have yet to yield a response.
    • Interview with Bosco Jones, International Brigader and anti-Fascist Street Activist in East London during the 1930's. Part 2 is here)
  • Canadian:
    • Spain 1936 The Forgotten War Remembered. With emphasis on the Canadian participation in the war. Original article written by Eugene W. Plawiuk, for the 60th Anniversary of the Spanish Civil War.
  • German:
  • Irish:
    • Ireland and the Spanish Civil War Collects articles and research on Irish involvement in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39. Use the index on this page to find items of interest.
    • Connolly Column Named after the trade unionist and rebel James Connolly, the Connolly Column was the division of Irish Anti Fascists who fought as part of the 15th International Brigade in what is commonly referred to as the civil war/revolution in Spain 1936-39. This is their Website.
  • Jewish:
  • US:
    • African Americans in the Spanish Civil War Good resources, especially to individual volunteers. From Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives.
    • The Spanish Civil War  Very good site by Cary Nelson of the University of Illinois. Includes an overview of the war, a photo essay, a chronology, posters, flags, letters by American volunteers, poems, as well as articles and speeches by George Orwell, La Pasionaria, Ernest Hemingway, Bernard Knox and Tony Hendra.
    • A soldier returns - letter from an American fighter in the Durruti Column A letter from an American trade unionist and member of the revolutionary union the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) about his experiences as a fighter in the Spanish Civil War in the International section of the anarchist Durruti Column. Published in the paper of the American IWW's paper, One Big Union Monthly in 1937.
    • Don Henry and the Civil War an interesting look at the volunteers of the International brigade. This is the story of the US university student, Don Henry, his motivations and involvement in the conflict. Set out as a resource with background materials for teachers
    • The Kid from Hoboken An Autobiography by Bill Bailey. Edited by Lynn Damme. Tells the story of Bill bailey, a recruit to the International Brigades
    • The Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA) Very worthwhile site Founded in 1979 by the veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, ALBA is an educational humanitarian organization devoted to the preservation and dissemination of the history of the North American role in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and its aftermath. Includes visual exhibitions such as:
      • The Aura of the Cause a black and white photographic show, the majority of photos taken by International Brigade volunteers themselves



6. Reaction of Foreign Governments

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7. Visual & literary materials

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Photos & Drawings
Guernica Literature Music  



8. Analysis

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Franco's Spain For the aftermath and the implications today of the civil war go to this casahistoria site     



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