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1. Weapons and soldiers
Armies | New Model Army
Weapons | Military Life | Documents
2. Battles of the Civil Wars, 1642-9
Key Battles | 2nd Civil War
3. Local War Studies
4. British Wars of the Commonwealth
Scotland | Ireland
5. Overseas wars of the Commonwealth
Dutch Wars | Spanish War | Colonies
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1. Weapons and soldiers
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Initials used in text- Click me to visit the excellent BCW&C site!!  Click me to visit the ECWSA! 

The Armies
The New Model Army
The weapons
  • There Were No Twelve Apostles- Being the reason why 'Apostles' should not be used when referring to a musketeer's Collar of Bandoliers By Robert Giglio ECSWA
  • The Officer and the Sword- Being the last & final word on safe & proper swordplay for officers & their portrayal in the English Civil Wars and a continuation of 'The Mark of a Soldier' By Robert Giglio ECSWA
  • Tactical Push of Pike- A report on the (modern) impracticalities of using and transporting a Pike. By Robert Giglio ECSWA
  • Dragoons in the Civil War- Being a true relation of their weapons & uses. From Historical Collections by Robert Giglio based on an article by Keith Roberts (Caliver Books/Partizan Press) ECSWA
  • Poisoned Bullets- Being information on a special topic of the Civil Wars from the siege of Colchester, 1648. From 'ECW Notes & Queries' (Caliver Books/Partizan Press)

Military life
Misc Documents
  • Period Prose- Being an authentic poem of the Civil Wars from Historical Collections







2. Battles of the Civil Wars, 1642-9
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Edgehill,  1642
  • Battle of Edgehill This excellent article discusses the 23 October 1642 and is an excerpt from "A Relation of the Battle fought between Keynton and Edgehill, by His Majesty's Army and that of the Rebels."  §
  • Battle of Edgehill - 1642 Maps, details of the event and aerial views, images/details of the sites today from the Battlefields Trust
  • Battle of Edgehill Excellent resource for study of the battle and its changing interpretations over the years. Visually very clear overlay of terrain, battlefield and forces deployed. Very many images of battlefield and archaeological remains which are well set out. Includes witness accounts and most usefully, a mobile site so this could be very useful on a tablet if walking the site! From the author of the item below.
  • The Battle of Edgehill, 1642 - Terrain Conjecture 2011 review and reconstruction of the contemporary terrain experienced by the Royalist and Parliamentarian armies and how the landscape may have appeared in October 1642. Interesting and detailed piece which looks to understand and interpret the Edgehill battle by lending greater attention to the terrain and its physical archaeology, taking account modern field based work as well as research of documents.
  • English Civil War: Battle of Edgehill Article from HistoryNet by Eric Niderost and originally appeared in the October 1993 issue of Military History magazine
  • Documentary accounts:
Newbury, 1643 Marston Moor, 1644 Naseby, 1645 2nd civil war


3. Local War Studies 

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  • Battles & campaigns Excellent chapters on the conduct of the war by year and region from BCW&C. Well described and clearly presented with maps to help you to follow the campaigns.
East and north east of England
  •  Essex: A county for Parliament Interesting website that exploits the civil war sources housed in the Essex Record Office.
  • Siege of Colchester 1648 Article by Alf Thomas on events surrounding the siege of Colchester 1648, including, diagrams, pictures and a detailed "siege diary"  §
  • Sieges of Hull An account of the actions around Hull, 1642-3 on the Yorkshire History website.  §
  • North-Eastern Campaign 1644 The military campaign in the north-east of England, leading to the Battle of Marston Moor and the storming of Newcastle.
Midlands North west
  • Voices of the Powerless - English Civil War and the Siege of Chester Broadcaster & author Melvyn Bragg follows his long historical exploration of the Routes of English with Voices of the Powerless, in which he explores the lives of the ordinary working men and women of Britain at six critical moments across the last 1,000 years. Uses documentary evidence to tell the story of the 1644 siege
West of England
  • The Civil War in the West by John Wroughton The west of England was a hotbed of action during the Civil War. Dr John Wroughton examines why Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire were so fiercely contested by both royalists and parliamentarians. BBC series
  • The Siege of Pymouth Plymouth is a town built on the scene of bloodbaths and killing fields, yet few know the true extent of Plymouth’s loss during the Civil War over 350 years ago. BBC local history site.
  • Living Gloucester: The English Civil War Looks at the fighting around the town and the siege. By the City Council.
  •  Worcestershire: Archaeology of the English Civil War Very useful pdf produced by the local council. 21 sides of items, images, and archaeological evidence for thecampaigns fought here. useful final section on links.
  • Civil War in Hampshire Details of military actions at Alton and Basing House and the effects of the war on Southampton, Portsmouth and Winchester. As this has been removed from Southampton University site, this is the Wayback record. No images but all the text & links are  present  §
Still looking for the action?


4. British Wars of the Commonwealth  

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Scotland Ireland


Ireland For background to the English plantation of Ireland, go to to the casahistoria site


  • Click for full image. The effect of Oliver Cromwell's period of rule of Britain and Ireland. Compares the proportion of land in each county in Ireland that was owned by Roman Catholics.The effect of Oliver Cromwell's period of rule on Ireland. Compares the proportion of land in each county in Ireland that was owned by Roman Catholics. (Click on map alongside)




5. Overseas Wars of the Commonwealth

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War at Sea 
1651 Navigation Act  Dutch Wars  Anglo-Spanish War 1655-60  Colonies (apart from Ireland)




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