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1. General
2. Hitler: Background
3. Hitler: Ideas
4. The Nazi State: Leadership, Party & Govt
5. Propaganda
Visual propaganda | Cinema | Art & Music
Propaganda & War
6. Economics
Economy 1933-39 | The Economy & War
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  Living in the Nazi State:
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  Women & Family in Nazi Germany
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1. General 
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Weimar For extensive casahistoria links to the Weimar Republic and the rise of Hitler

  • Hitler a biography from the Time 100 series. Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel discusses Hitler's impact on the 20th century.
  • Germany:1900-45: Comprehensive source based overview of Germany from 1914-45. Well cross linked and excellent on content.
  • A Psychological Analysis of Adolf Hitler Sara Salzman / The Nizkor Project Slow to load, so be patient, but excellent for those of you studying charismatic leadership. Declassified documents from the U.S. Office of Strategic Services. Offers extensive exploration of Hitler's character, and examines his behaviour and its affect on the German people and his associates. Describes events of his life through eyewitness accounts, as well as Hitler's writings and speeches. Users can download images of the original pages.  §
  • Hitler vs. History  Pomperaug High School. Information showing how Hitler's rise to power resulted from both the force of his personality and the conditions in Germany after World War I. Offers links to related sites.  §
  • Adolf Hitler: Wavs and Images J.C. Kaelin / EarthStation1 Archive of photos, images, and speeches of Hitler. Includes the BBC broadcast of his death.
  • Photo Gallery: The Führer and for the background see Walter Frentz: The Führer's Photographer
  • Photographing Hitler Freelance photo-researcher Joanne King explains how Hitler used the talents of photographers like Heinrich Hoffman and Walter Frenz to project a striking image of himself to the German people. UK Open University.
  • Life in Hitler's Germany: 1933-39 and Hitler and the Nazi State: Power and Control  From the older website of King David School.  Worthwhile Very specific to UK examination courses but comprehensive notes and links to articles on each unit as well as to sites of general help & support for students. The site is now defunct. This is the Wayback copy. Most articles links are still live however. §
  • The Secret Diaries of Dr Morell, Hitler's Doctor Pdf of the controversial historian David Irving's 1990 edition of the lost diaries of Professor Theo Morell.
  • Hitler's Place In History: The Lecture Podcast by Sir Ian Kershaw 2005 UK Open University Lecture, in which Ian Kershaw, Professor of Modern History at Sheffield University, examines Hitler's place in history. Page links to podcast and transcript.


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2. Hitler: Background

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  • Adolf Hitler Jennifer Rosenberg. Biographical timeline of the dictator's life. Includes photographs and links to related sites.
  • Brief Biography of Adolf Hitler From the BBC. Succinct
  • Hitler's Family Tree Jennifer Rosenberg / The Mining Company Graph of Hitler's lineage.
  • Adolf Hitler Biography  Useful overview of Adolf Hitler's life, taken from the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust.
  • Adolf Hitler: Table of Contents Listed chronological information on the German dictator. Includes an extensive biography as well as documents and letters by Hitler on topics such as propaganda, the Soviet invasion, and euthanasia. From American-Israeli Cooperative.
  • A Sober Look at Hitler's Health Spiegel article by  Christoph Gunkel looks at a  new book that considers drugs and illness had little effect on his actions.
  • The Rise of Adolf Hitler The History Place Series of biographical articles about the dictator. Details his life from birth through the takeover of the German leadership in 1933.


  • Original Artworks By Adolf Hitler This site is attempting to sell some of Hitler's early artworks, but more importantly, they show the drawings.
  • The Führer's Obsession with Art 'Hitler Considered Himself an Artistic Genius' Art historian Birgit Schwarz talks to SPIEGEL about why Adolf Hitler saw himself as a genius and how his obsession with art affected his political views.
  • Hitler's Private Collection Goes Virtual By Michael Scott Moore, Spiegel online. A musuem in Berlin has put the legendary Linz Collection, Hitler's private collection of art, online. It may be the first time since World War II that the all the pieces have been assembled in one place.


  • Eye-Witness Account of Hitler's WWI Years By David Gordon Smith, Spiegel Online. Hitler's years in the German army during World War I have long been a mystery due to the lack of eyewitness accounts. Now a memoir written by a forgotten German author of fantastic literature has been rediscovered -- and sheds new light on the Führer.
  • Adolf Hitler - Happiest Period of His Life Article by Robert Wohl, Univ of California on Hitler's response to World War 1. PBS Great War site.
  • Hitler's Mountain Home: Homes & Gardens article of Nov 1938. Fascinating report from the 1930's described in At home with the Führer by Simon Waldman who came across the featured article about Hitler's house, and posted it to his weblog. This started a bizarre series of events that saw him embroiled in legal wrangles and denounced as a Nazi sympathiser. Guardian newspaper article, 2003


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3. Hitler: ideas

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Racial views
  • Adolf Hitler's First Anti-Semitic Writing, 1919  Letter from Hitler to Adolf Gemlich regarding the "Jewish question," written Sept. 16, 1919
  • Nazi Racial Policy Pamphlet, 1934.This is the text of a speech delivered by Dr. Walter Groß, the head of the Nazi Party's Office of Racial Policy. He was speaking to a women's meeting at the Gau Party Rally in Cologne on 13 October 1934. The text was widely distributed. This is an interesting example of Nazi racial propaganda early on in Hitler's regime. It does not mention the Jews directly, but lays the foundation for anti-Semitism.
  • Hitler's Racial Ideology: Content and Occult Sources by Jackson Spielvogel and David Redles. A complex article published by the Wiesenthal centre drawing attention to some of the key concepts and influences on Hitlers racial ideas. §
Foreign Policy

Ideologies of left & right For a comparison of the ideologies of left and right that were fundamental to Hitler and National Socialism visit to the casahistoria page

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4. The Nazi State: Leadership, Party & Government

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  • Nazi Fascism and the Modern Totalitarian State A useful (teacher's) Guide to Nazi Fascism and the Modern Totalitarian State.
  • The Hitler Myth From Kershaw, Ian. The "Hitler Myth": Image and Reality in the Third Reich. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1987), 1-5. Published on the excellent Mosaic site §
  • Hitler's Leadership Style - Führerprinzip By Dr Geoffrey Megargee. The image of Hitler as a meddler in military operations is powerful and persistent. He was also stubborn, distrusted his generals and relied too much on his own instinct. Geoffrey Megargee examines the Führer's shortcomings as a military leader.
Structure of the Nazi state
  • Structure of the State and Hitler's Role by Dr Martyn Housden, University of Bradford. Adapted notes. Good on the historiography of the monolithic(?) state. §
  • The Functioning of the Nazi Regime: State and Society. Clearly presented outline from the online textbook of Raffael Scheck, Colby College, Maine to accompany his Lectures: Germany & Europe, 1871-1945.
  • The Political System of the Third Reich and Hitler as Dictator Articles by Professor Gerhard Rempel, Western New England College. From his lectures: History of Modern Germany  
  • Nazi Germany - Government Structure Ministries And Party Organizations Interesting page listing the key parts of the structure, brief comment on each and where to look for further research. Each section also offers the name or names of the leaders associated with the ministry or organization, as well as a small description of the ministry or organization in question. By the World Future Fund
  • Who Voted for the Nazis? based on the article of this name by Professor Dick Geary, History Today, October 1998.
  • The Geography of the Nazi Vote Complex but useful article on the 1930 election, indicating the key areas of Nazi support. many graphs, tables of data and maps. Loughlin, Flint & Anselin, 1994
  • Workers and Nazis in Hitler's homeland Public opinion in Nazi Austria, 1938-45 Article by Tim Kirk, History Today. Looks at support for the Nazi's in Austria §
  • Totalitarian Rule Lecture by Prof Rempel, based on Hans Buchheim, Totalitarian Rule: Its Nature and Characteristics (1968). From his lectures: History of Modern Germany.
  • Axis factbook features very comprehensive statistical information (but no analysis) about military, political, and police organizations as well as songs, photo gallery, and military equipment. Remember that many of the items (especially photos) were produced by the Nazi's specifically for propaganda purposes.
  • Their struggle Interesting FT article by Niall Ferguson (2008). Looks at failure of the Reich as colonising power in eastern Europe in the context of contemporary colonial powers , UK & France in reviewing 'Hitler's Empire' by Mark Mazower.  §
  • Wehrmacht Oath of Loyalty On August 2, 1934, the same day Paul von Hindenberg died, Hitler made each member of the armed forces swear an allegiance to Adolf Hitler. This is a copy of the oath.

The Nazi Party



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5. Propaganda

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     Visual propaganda
  • Nazi Posters BBC By Professor David Welch
  • Nazi Postcards An auction site for Nazi memorabilia(!), but good images of an intriguing aspect of "personal" propaganda  §
  • Triumph of the Will. 1997 History Today article by Brian Winston looks at the problems of seeing the film purely as a piece of propaganda. §
  • The Nazi Olympics, 1936 Berlin  This site presents an online version of an exhibition created by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC
  • Leni Riefenstahl Leni Riefenstahl is a famous artist who greatly influenced the art of film, but is best remembered for her Nazi past.
Art & Music
  • Degenerate Music & Nazi Approved Music Two clear, concise and excellent resources, well supported with (aural & documentary) resource materials from the teachers guide to the Holocaust
  • First Listing of Undesired Musical Works This is an interesting 1939 list. The text at the top translates: "...the Reich Music Examination Office has declared the following musical works as undesired and harmful. Publishing, distributing or performing these works is forbidden in the German Reich." Calvin Propaganda Archive.

Propaganda & War
  • Calvin Propaganda Archive. This ever growing archive is the key resource here, as it is for the Nazi Period in general. Articles from the time, posters, pamphlets, images. All placed in context. As the site is so vast a selection most relevant to this page are included in this section.
  • Propaganda leaflets:
  • The Work of Party Propaganda in War Nazi Party Essay published for those active as Nazi Party propagandists. The essay is a balance sheet on Nazi propaganda after the first year of the war. It provides a wide range of statistics on propaganda activity. Source: "Die Arbeit der Partei-Propaganda im Kriege,"Unser Wille und Weg, 11 (1941).
  • Unexpected Consequences, The Bombing War: Overcoming and Revenge This 1943 Propaganda article presents the bombing as a serious threat, but one that Germans are overcoming by hard work and devotion. It also promises that vague but deadly revenge is almost ready on the German side. By Schwarz van Berk, one of Goebbels' top propagandists.
  • Advice to Speakers: 
    • Food rationing (1942) Translation of instructions to speakers in March 1942 on what to say about significant cuts in food rations for the population.
    • Air Raids (1943) Explains what was to be said about the Allied massive bombing raids. The claim is that the only way to rebuild Germany is first to win the war.
    • Berlin: A Huge Hedgehog (22 April 1945) Unlike earlier articles which promised miracle weapons to save the day, this article does not promise victory. It only claims that Berlin will be defended to the last. It hardly mentions Hitler. By Hans-Ulrich Arntz
Visual propaganda
  • Cartoons from Das Reich, a widely-circulated Nazi weekly magazine. Goebbels wrote the lead editorial each week. It attempted to appeal to an educated audience:
  • The Shadow campaign against Spies: Posters from one of the last major Nazi propaganda campaigns (1944). It was designed to combat idle chatter and build awareness of enemy spies. This page has most of the posters from the campaign. See also Shadow Campaign for their  background.
  • German wartime advertising: Examples from 1944. This page includes ads from a special issue of a leading German weekly magazine (Illustrierte Zeitung Leipzig). In each case, there is reference to Nazi war goals. Calvin Propaganda Archive.
  • Nazi war art: Examples, 1940-1944 from the Calvin Propaganda archive.
  • The celluloid war – The Home Front Film  Good Google Preview extract from the book “Nazi cinema as enchantment: the politics of entertainment in the Third Reich” by Mary-Elizabeth O'Brien
  • German Newsreel Archive: In German. A good source of newsreels but care is needed with the search page if you have no German!
  • German propaganda on the home front  German propaganda on the home front. World War II footage on YouTube (unfortunately with the usual banal comments below)
  • Wochenschau Cinema Newsreel Page of YouTube links to the Wochenschau news shown each week in German cinemas. this link takes you to a large selection of episodes form the war period.



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6. Economics

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  • Hjalmar Schacht  Minister of Economics and President of the Reichsbank (1933-1939)
  • Hitler's Banker: Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht. BusinessWeek review article of the 1997 book by John Weitz. Good concise overview.
  • Hjalmar Schacht Interesting page, examining Schacht from a legal point of view. Produced by TRIAL, an international war crimes group.
  • Albert Speer, architect of the Third Reich Web site dedicated to Speer..... despite that, his story is told and the site has good plans & images of his designs for the future Germany. §
  • Germania Article with images of models to show Hitler & Speers Germania plans for Nazi Berlin. Spiegel Online.
  • Speer: the final verdict Worthwhile read of the 2001 review of the Joachim Fest book in the New Statesman. §
  • Meeting Albert Speer Roger George Clark broadcast a series of controversial programmes, six half-hour interviews, with Hitler's architect and armaments and production minister Albert Speer. Here he tells of them.
  • BBC  Audio Interviews - Albert Speer Speer talks to Douglas Stuart in 1970 about what made him join the Nazi party, why Hitler appealed to him and his commitment to the war and acceptance of the concentration camps. Unfortunately logging in to the facebook related site is a nightmare.....
  • Hitler’s carmaker The inside story of how General Motors helped mobilize the Third Reich. Very thorough article by Edwin Black, author of “IBM and the Holocaust".
  • Volkswagen and Hitler. Illustrated history from the German Propaganda Archive.
  • Hitler was a leftist If you are still all at sea, these notes on: "On the Theory of the Centrally Administered Economy: An Analysis of the German Experiment," by Walter Eucken which present a short economic analysis of German Economy under the Nazis. But!! You must scroll down to about the middle of the page for this part from San José State University, Department of Economics to begin!
The Economy & War

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  Hitler's Rise to Power & Collapse of Weimar
  Hitler Home Page & Structure of the Hitler State
  Living in the Nazi State
  Women & Family in Nazi Germany   
  The End of the Reich  

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