the early history of the irish question: settlement, rebellion and famine   

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1. General Sites
2. Plantation & Settlement
3. Rebellion & Control, 1641-1803  
1641, Civil War & Cromwell
1798 & 1803
4. 19th century: Famine & Emigration
Teaching the famine




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1. General Sites  
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Imperialism Go to this casahistoria site for links to imperialism in a global context.
  • Northern Ireland's history Excellent site from the BBC in Northern Ireland covering events from Gaelic Ireland to Plantation Ulster then on to the Easter Rising and the Troubles. Finally it looks at the Good Friday Agreement. This has basic information, detailed extra pages, interviews, images, streaming video clips. Use it!
  • History of Ireland Detailed narrative from Historyworld - but for clarity of overview use the test version of each page - not the interactive.
  • Multitext Project in Irish History Excellent academic resource - articles, texts, key bios, images, maps stats produced by University College, Cork.
  • A History of Ireland and her People by Eleanor Henrietta Hull (1860-1935) co-founder of the Irish Texts Society for the publication of early manuscripts. Written in 1931, obviously best on pre 20th century but still a useful resource. Full text held at Project Gutenberg Australia
  • Chronology of Ireland from the 1600s to present day, with a search feature included. Currently dead, but here it is in perfect order courtesy of the Wayback Machine
  • People, history and politics in Northern Ireland A concise but visual interactive survey from Guardian Unlimited. good place to start.
  • Irish Affairs 1760-89 and 1789-1850 Both sites offer a mix of valuable primary sources and information narratives for schools from the Peel Web
  • Irish History since 1845 An excellent and impartial site devoted to Irish History since the potato famine to the present day.  Text-heavy, but very useful explanations.
  • Leaving Certificate Irish History Aimed at students studying for final Irish exams. Not yet complete but provides a very useful overview of much of modern Irish history, covering topics such as Home Rule, the Land Acts, Ulster Unionism, the rise of Sinn Fein, and Anglo-Irish relations; and historical figures such as Isaac Butt, Charles S. Parnell, Michael Davitt, John Redmond, Eamon deValera and others. §





2. Plantation and settlement 
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A Papal/Roman Catholic dimension?


3. Rebellion & Control, 1641-1803 

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1641, Civil War & Cromwell

See also casahistoria sites on Cromwell and the Wars of the Civil War period for futher links to this period.

1688-90 1798 & 1803


4. 19th century: Famine & Emigration  

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  • Three thorough and very valuable histories aimed at presenting an academic background of the crucial events of the 19th century from the University College, Cork Multitext Project in Irish History
  • Society and economy, 1815–1870 by Séan Connolly (includes agricultural crisis, collapse of the wool & cotton industries, famine & Post-famine adjustment)
  • Politics and administration, 1815–1870 by Christine Kinealy (includes The Act of Union, Daniel O’Connell & emancipation, Electoral reform, The Orange Order & sectarian politics, Young Ireland, Government responses to the Famine, Fenianism and Liberal reforms)
  • Culture & religion, 1815–1870 by Dr Myrtle Hill (includes positions of the Catholic Church, Church of Ireland, Presbyterian Church, Methodism & Sectarianism before and after the famine)
  • Landlordism Concise survey of the nature of landlordism in 18th and early 19th century Ireland. Very useful for basic understanding of the land question. By Tomás O’Riordan from the University College, Cork Multitext Project in Irish History
Famine Analysis 
  • The Long View: The Irish Famine Series of BBC podcasts to listen to in which Jonathan Freedland and guests including Cormac O'Grada, Professor of Economics at University College Dublin, look at the failed attempts of london to deal with the famineThe Irish famine Good, well detailed analytical site from the BBC Victorians web in which Jim Donnelly describes how ideology helped the ruling class avoid grappling with the problem of mass starvation
  • Irish 'famines': acts of god, colonial mismanagement or genocide? Peter Berresford Ellis asks whether 18th & 19th century Irish famines were caused by acts of God, over- reliance on the potato, or were due to English colonial mismanagement. Based on a 2004 lecture at the Marx Memorial Library, London.
  • Interpreting The Irish Famine, 1846-1850 Article by Liz Szabo, University of Virginia. Includes a history, illustrations and drawings, and a select bibliography of textual and internet resources. Currently inactive, but here it is in full perfect order courtesy of the Wayback Machine  §
  • The Great Hunger Concise article in which Meadbh Gallagher looks behind the stories of its horror to the thinking which allowed it to happen. Published in An Phoblacht/Republican News, 1995
Teaching the famine  Emigration


See also casahistoria sites on emigration:
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Case Study: USA
· Case Study: Argentina · Case Study: Australia  



the casahistoria irish history sites:
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Plantation, Control, Rebellion & Famine
Home Rule, Easter Rising & Partition
The Troubles in the North, 1921-1998



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