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This page has links to the general history of latin America after 1900. It also serves as a portal for the more detailed individual casahistoria pages on latin America. Click here for links before 1900.

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  1. Political Development & Change
  2. Revolution.......
  3. ...& Reaction: the Military Regimes
  4. 20th century Wars
  5. Indigenous latin America
  6. General Latin America History links
Other core casahistoria Latin America pages:
  19th century Latin America
  20th century Military Regimes
  The US & Latin America
  Catholic Mission & Settlement

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For extensive links to the history of 19th century latin America go to the casahistoria 19th century site



1. Political Development & Change
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General Articles
  • Latin America in the 1940s: War and Postwar Transitions Addresses the significant impact that World War II and the onset of the Cold War had on the political development of Latin America. During the middle of this crucial decade many Latin American countries turned from authoritarian regimes toward democracy and the rapid growth David Rock, editor (University of California Press, 1994)
  • The return of populism. From The Economist, April 2006. Very useful article that examines the rebirth of an influential Latin American political tradition. Places the populist tradition in Latin America in a historical & global context, explaining the emergence of figures such as Perón and Vargas as well as modern figures such as Chavez. The emphasis though is on the historical background.
  • The Fitzgibbon Survey of Latin American Democracy: In 1945  Prof Fitzgibbon, a UCLA political scientist, asked a panel of ten  U.S. latinamericanist scholars to rank the twenty Latin American republics according to a set of criteria that he felt would measure the extent of democracy in each of the countries. This has their results and an update in 2000  

Individual Countries

Visit the following casahistoria individual country pages for links to their 20th century history:
  • Argentina:
  • Cuba:



2. Revolution.......
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 See also these extensive casahistoria sites:

Mexican revolution, 1910-20 and Revolts, coups & control
Cuba: Castro revolution and Che Guevara
Peru: Shining Path rebellion
Bolivian Revolution

Liberation Theology



3....& Reaction: the Military Regimes

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See these extensive casahistoria sites:

Argentina: Perόn and Perón & the Nazis
The Military Regimes of the 1970’s & 1980’s
Argentina: The Junta
Chile: Allende & Pinochet



4. 20th century Wars

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World War 1

The Chaco War

Malvinas/Falklands War
Malvinas/Falklands war. See casahistoria site for extensive links



5. Indigenous latin America

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  • NativeWeb This site presents information on Indigenous peoples in Mexico, Central, and South America
  • Indigenous People in Latin America Links page of Lanic. Many links in Spanish and English. Includes a comprehensive list of country by country links.
  • Racial Classifications in Latin America Interesting examination of racial classification after immigration, using original Spanish colonial classification.
  • The Native American: destroying cultures Clear detailed history of native culture in the USA and the effect of western settlement and expansion. Remember to click on the additional pages presented (not too clearly) at the foot of the section. Part of the American Memory collection.
  • Amazonia 1492: pristine forest or cultural parkland? Excavations and maps confirm forest housed advanced society. The Amazon was densely populated before Christopher Columbus' arrival in the New World, confirms new evidence unearthed in Brazil. The finds lay to rest the notion that the region was pristine forest when the explorer landed in 1492. Betsy Mason, Nature, 2003. Requires (free) registration.
Brazil Argentina
  • Wichí Information from Survival International on the current position of the indigenous people
Chile Cuba Paraguay
  • Ayoreo & Enxet Information from Survival International on the current position of the indigenous people
Peru Native American Women 
  • Rigoberta Menchu Rigoberta Menchú received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992 and became the first indigenous woman to receive this distinction
  • Native Women Resources Links to many resources, information, essays, and support groups for American Indian women.
  • Photographers as Storytellers An illustrated essay by Joan M. Jensen about American Indian women photographers whose photos tell stories.
  • Pottery by American Indian Women An illustrated essay by Susan Peterson about women potters and their craft.
  • Detailed doctorate essays on aspects of Latin American gender:
    • Stealing a Bride Marriage Customs, Gender Roles, and Fertility Transition in Two Peasant Comunities in Bolivia by Jorge Balán (1996)
    • Women Farmers and Andean Seeds by Mario E. Tapia and Ana De la Torre (1998) As illustrated by this case study of women farmers and seed in the Andes, rural women have a special interest in the diverse and multiple uses of plants and other biological resources, given their varied and complex responsibilities in rural households. The knowledge acquired as managers of these resources for livelihood, health and food security constitutes a knowledge system that both ensures subsistence and community needs, and contributes to the conservation and use of local varieties. Free, but requires registration
    • Cities of Women by Mary Weismantel (1999) interesting essay looks at the key role played by women in urban life in the Andean community. §





6. General Latin America History links

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Don’t forget!! See the individual casahistoria sites on the histories of: Argentina · Bolivia · Brazil · Chile · Cuba · Mexico · Paraguay · Peru · Uruguay · Malvinas/Falklands ·

and these core casahistoria latin American sites:

19th century Latin America
20th century Latin America
20th century Military Regimes
The US & Latin America
Catholic Mission & Settlement




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