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This Middle East section is the result of several factors. I have had requests to produce such a site for some time. What gave the final impetus was:

  • many examination courses now see Middle East issues up to the Camp David Accords assuming more prominence
  • the realisation that the topic is one that if anything becomes more important to understand as resolution seems to grow less and less likely
  • the difficulty for students of navigating the issue on the web and evaluating the validity of individual sites given the lack of objectivity behind those sites that appear highest on search engines. Indeed for that reason I have found this topic the hardest to provide a variety of valuable links for. Other casahistoria topics on issues that are still contentious such as Ireland and the Falklands/Malvinas are much easier to provide useful links for that are either independent in origin or have a bias that is easy to indicate to users but still of use. In this case of the Arab-Israeli conflict the difficulty comes partly from the fact that the internet has become an extension of the conflict itself. Pro Zionist sites are plentiful and often very well designed, often creating an impression of veracity through this in particular. Palestinian sites often tend to be less numerous and appear less well funded so creating a less positive image to the casual user. The task with the casahistoria links has been to sift through what is available, discarding the more overtly political, commenting much more on provenance and including only those sites which have a value to the student of history. Comments on how far readers feel this has succeeded or failed would be appreciated.

Use this home page as a sitemap: All of the blue web page titles and the blue section headings beneath them are "live" links and a click will take you directly to that page and section of the site.

The Pages:



  The British Mandate in Palestine



1. World War 1, Palestine & Origins of Mandate
2. The Palestine Mandate
Key Documents
3. Living under the Mandate
Arab Communities Under the Mandate
The Arab Revolt
Jewish Community under the Mandate
The British in Palestine
4. The End of the Mandate
Jewish immigration
Land Question
Zionist resistance to British & growing violence
Failure of the Mandate
5. Documents & Key Resources

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  Arab-Israeli conflict, 1947-79

Part 1: Arab-Israeli conflict, 1947-79
1. Key Beliefs 
Emergence of Arabism & Palestinian nationalism
2. British withdrawal, establishment of Israel & 1948/9 War
Failure of the Mandate
United Nation Partition Plan
US Position
1948 "Independence/Nakba" War
3. The Israeli State
4. Wars of 1956 and 1967
Six Day War of 1967
Six Day War to Yom Kippur

Part 2: Consequences 1947-78

1. Population Movements
Continued immigration
The Palestinian diaspora 1947 onwards
Arab world evictions of Jewish settlements
2. Terror & the Emergence of Militant Arab  Resistance
Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO)|Fatah| Hamas |Other groups
3. October War of 1973
4. Camp David & Egyptian-Israeli Peace Accords
Role of the USA in conflict
Camp David Agreements 
5. Key Resources 
Keeping in Touch
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 The British in Mesopotamia/Iraq
1. General
2. 19th c: Ottoman collapse
3. British Mandate, 1918-32
End of the mandate
British invasion, WW2
4. The Oil factor
Early British oil exploitation
British-US rivalry, & cooperation 1918-73
Nationalisation 1973
5. Independence & continued intervention
Overview of the internal politics

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Iraq, Hussein, the West & war
1. Independence
2. Saddam Hussein & the west
Wars before 1990
US support for Saddam Hussein
3. The Gulf War of 1990-91 & aftermath
The War
Oil for Food & Sanctions
Continued US-Iraq tension
4. Invasion & occupation of Iraq, 2002 - 2004  
Causes & Motives
Keeping up to date
5. Analysis
6. Key resources and sites


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