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1. Leadership
2. Ideologies of the Left
Socialism | Marxism | Communism
Leninism | Stalinism | Maoism
3. Ideologies of the Right
Fascism | National Socialism
4. Comparisons - key totalitarian states 
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  Mao Tse-Tung
  The South American Military Regimes
  Women in Totalitarian States


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1. Leadership
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  • What is meant by charismatic leadership?   Click on this link to the University of Missouri to give you help with what is meant by charismatic leadership. The pages offer a checklist of what makes someone ‘charismatic’. The examples given are generally US figures of the 1960’s, but use the checklist to compare it against your chosen charismatic leaders.  §
  • Charisma Article with a sociological bent by Thomas Robbin in the Encyclopedia of Religion and Society
  • Charismatic Authority Concise article by Austin Cline subtitled: Emotional Bonds Between Leaders and Followers. Gives a theoretical basis for your study of the dictators.
  • Secrets of leadership: Hitler & Churchill. Andrew Roberts draws comparisons between Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler, and between true inspiration and mere charisma, in an analysis of what leadership entails. §
  • When little men become big. (how destructive leaders become powerful through group dynamics) Joseph H. Berke article in History Today. Focus is on Hitler's rise but relates issues in a wider, modern context. §








2. Political ideologies of the Left
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See also the casahistoria pages  on Lenin,  Stalin,  Mao Tse-Tung and Castro

  • Left-Wing Lingo, Ideologies and History  Many links are now dead but still a good place to see explanations of the differences between Communism, Socialism, Trotskyism, Democratic Marxism, and many other "-isms."
  • Marx and Engels Collection Very large collection of speeches and writing. Set out chronologically from the Marx2Mao site.
Socialism Marxism
  • Encyclopedia of Marxism An excellent resource - divided into glossaries of people, places, events, organizations, terms, and periodicals dealing with Marxism.
  • Marxist Dreams and Soviet Realities An excellent essay from historian Ralph Raico (professor of history at the State University College at Buffalo and a senior fellow of the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University) on the ideology of the Soviet Union.
  • Marxist Internet Archive A vast collection of full-text works and references ranging from the writings of Lenin to the Soviet Constitution. Includes a Students section on Learning what Marxism is about.
  • Marx and Engels Collection Very large collection of speeches and writing. Set out chronologically from the Marx2Mao site.
  • Communist Manifesto The Karl Marx and Frederick Engels classic, online in full.
  • Some AV support to explain marxism:

See the casahistoria section Lenin: Ideas on the casahistoria Lenin page




See the casahistoria section Stalinism on the casahistoria Stalin pages

See the casahistoria section Mao's ideas on the casahistoria Mao pages

  • Anarchy Archives Very useful site with comprehensive coverage of key anarchists and anarchist events. Hint: use the navigation bar above each picture to access the online collected works and publications, commentaries, bios. Includes micro sites for Proudhon, Bakunin, Malatesta, Kropotkin  & others.
  • For jihadist, read anarchist Article (Aug 2005) from The Economist. Looks at 19th century anarchism attacks and compares them with the present. Useful survey of anarchist attacks.


3. Political ideologies of the Right

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See also casahistoria pages on Fascism & MussoliniHitlerFranco Peron  and The South American Military Regimes
  • Fascism A clear and concise account of the origins and development of Fascism by Dr C Jazwinski.
  • The original site is now dead. This is a copy.
  • What is Fascism Some General Ideological Features by Matthew N. Lyons, an independent scholar and freelance writer who studies reactionary and supremacist movements.
  • Fascism in Europe: Documents and articles Excellent selection from the Mosaic Perspectives on western civilisation site §
  • 14 Features of Fascism as defined by Umberto Eco set out very clearly in a table form with edited examples of modern examples of fascism.   §
  • 'The Anatomy of Fascism' By Zeev Sternhell, Reply by Adrian Lyttelton from New York Review of Books
  • Fascism: A Reader's Guide Edited by Walter Laqueur. This is the extract by Zeev Sternhell, Colorado College from Laqueur. Academic survey of the movement.  §
  • The nature of fascism Roger Griffin attempts to define "generic fascism - the term he uses for those characteristics which are found in all fascist movements and ideologies, from Mussolini's Fascist Party to contemporary neo-fascist organizations. This is the Google book version. Some pages are left out but enough are here to make it valuable for ideas/research.
  • The functions of fascism. (Download link is at the bottom of the page). Podcast lecture by Michel Parenti who argues that fascism is a new order and consciousness that served the same old power structure and promised to solve the ills of the many while protecting the interests of the few. He answers in detail who financed the Fascist parties and what services the fascists rendered in return. Podcast by a-Infos Radio project
  • Economic Fascism Looks at the broader global appeal of fascism in the inter war period - especially to industrialists. By Thomas J. DiLorenzo 1994 in Truth Seeker
  • Race and Visualism Interesting look at impact of fascism (and other influences) on how society has visualised itself. By William Washabaugh   §
  • The Political Compass Provides a 3D (or even 4D?) take on the usual left-right interpretations of political ideology. Interesting.
Historic interpretations
Italian Fascism
See the Italian Fascism section of the casahistoria page on Mussolini.

Ideas behind National Socialism
See the Ideas and beliefs section of the casahistoria page on Hitler

See the Ideas and Propaganda section of the casahistoria page on Perón


4. Comparisons: Single Party States 

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Click here to go to the casahistoria table comparing the totalitarian regimes of Stalin, Lenin, Castro, Peron, Mussolini & Hitler.
Includes comparisons of : 




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