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Latin America
19th century Latin America
20th century Latin America
20th century Military Regimes
The US & Latin America
Catholic Mission & Settlement

 Reading list: Americas
  Argentina pages:
Independence & Confederation
The Republic before Perón
Immigration into Argentina
Perόn's Argentina
Perón and the Nazi's
The Military and aftermath
Malvinas/Falklands - Background    

Malvinas/Falklands - Conflict  

  Brazil pages:  
Portuguese Brazil
Brazil since 1821
  Chile pages: 
Allende & Pinochet 
   Cuba pages:
Cuba before Castro
Castro's Cuba
  Mexico pages:
Colonial Mexico & Independence
Mexican Rev & 20th century
  Peru Pages
Peru before 1900
20th century Peru

Middle East
Single Party States Single Party home
Mussolini & Fascism

Hitler & Nazi Germany pages:
  Weimar & Rise of Hitler
Structure of the Hitler State
Living in the Nazi State
Women & Family in Nazi Germany   
The End of the Reich

Spanish Civil War

Stalin pages

S American Military Regimes
Women in Totalitarian Regimes

Reading list: Single Party States

The Cold War
English Civil War
Young casahistoria  Norman England
  Life in the Middle Ages
  Tudor & Stuarts
  Industrial Revolution

  World War 1

Revision pages:
  GCSE & IGCSE Revision
GCE/IB Revision home
  IB revision
  AQA revision
  Edexcel revision
  OCR revision
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Teachers' pages
  General web resources for history
  Using the internet 
  Building a history web
  News & official research/paperwork

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