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1. Where can I get history teaching resources on
    the web?
articles about history teaching
resources for teaching history
schemes work/lesson plans
2. General history classroom web resources
general  sites
free commercial/public sites
3. "Traditional" resources on the web:
    documents, libraries & museums
4. Displays: something for after school!!!


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General web resources for history
Using the internet 
Building a history web
Teaching the new IBO or GCE courses?
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1. Where can I get history teaching resources on the web?                           
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Articles about history teaching
General resources for teaching history
  • Active History The interactive website at Wolverhampton Grammar School. Useful activities, lesson plans, puzzles to KS3 & 4 (ages 11-16). Regrettably, despite being a compendium of items submitted free of charge by practicing teachers, this site has become subscription only, succumbing to the availability of UK government money for schools to use the internet, but making it unavailable to history students worldwide on the web.
  • History Matters! Designed for high school and college teachers of U.S. History courses. This site serves as a gateway to Web resources and offers useful practical materials for teaching history.
  • History Now A quarterly online journal for American history teachers and students. All issues are archived at this link
  • Learn.co.uk  From the Guardian (subscription only: your school may have it)
  • Learn History  Site for KS3 & 4 (ages 11-16) History. Good links to activities, powerpoints available on the web for teachers to use.
  • Puzzlemaker very good tool from the Discovery channel. You enter in the key words, questions whatever and it will miraculously turn them into word searches/crossword puzzles, word mazes. One word of note: it can be very slow in the evening when everyone is using them for tomorrows lesson plans...
  • Teacher Oz's Kingdom of History: A database of topically organized internet resources for use by students, teachers, and others. Focuses mainly, but not exclusively on U.S. History.
  • Teaching History - Directory of Online Educational Resources on Teaching World History Huge directory of appropriate sites world wide in the English language for teaching history
Schemes work/lesson plans
  • SchoolHistory.co.uk home Excellent site for teaching resources and ideas. Contributions are made by teachers and include lesson plans, resources, and differentiated materials as well as links
  • Education World Lesson Planning Channel From the US Education World site. Beware: this can be slow to load, especially early morning US time - leaving planning to the last minute?
  • Edsitement! Created by the US National Endowment for the Humanities, EdSITEment is a portal to the “best of humanities on the web.” The websites featured on EdSITEment have been peer-reviewed by panels of educators and academics. The specially prepared lesson plans utilize online resources.
  • ozhistorybytes An innovative online journal published three times a year, with articles designed for students and teachers. Several items are linked to teaching schemes and ideas. Part of the Commonwealth (of Australia) History Project.
UK focus: 

The following are UK based where much money has been spent centrally to develop IT teaching resources, but the resources can be applied easily elsewhere too:

       the official bit?
       the unofficials!
  • Teachers' Virtual School Online. UK lesson plans and materials for KS1-4. Courtesy of Spartacus. Information on a selection of topics. Even if you choose not to use this, some of the associated resources are useful to use themselves or to adapt.
  • SchoolsHistory This site provides Online History lessons, easy to access background material, GCSE revision tasks and downloadable resources for teachers.
  • History Ideas Brief list of pdf'd resources by Mark Warner

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2. General history classroom resources on the web

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  • If you teach the International Baccalaureate or any of the post 2008 England & Wales GCE syllabuses you can click on your Board below to get a pdf copy of the syllabus indicating precisely where casahistoria sites are available for you to link to.
  • Keeping Kids Safe If you are concerned about how the internet or mobile devices might be used by your students, this guide, suggested by Alice J and produced by o2 should help, despite the links to o2 services.
General sites
  • Association of teachers websites Part of the UK National Grid for Learning. includes Member sites - Useful educational sites for Primary and Secondary teachers, pupils and parents. Organised by subject area and contains the main Key Stage History sites.
  • Best of History Web Sites portal created for history teachers, students, and general history enthusiasts. Best of History Web Sites now features links to K-12 history lesson plans, teacher guides, activities, games, quizzes, and more throughout its pages.
  • Internet Resources in History Useful list of general resources for teachers
  • studentsfriend.com A guide for high school teachers of world history (and geography). Content includes fundamental information about history teaching, resources, a concise alternative textbook and lesson plans
  • Teaching American History Resource Center provides links to and information about publications, resources, and activities for teachers of history.
Free commercial/public sites
  • BBC Less comprehensive than in the past due to regulatory pressure from the subscription sites, but still an excellent resource. BBC Schools history links to: primary, 11-16, 16+ Excellent resources with links to bite size and the many, many sites that cater for adult interest history. Plenty quizzes and exercises if you have the IT room booked.... If you have links to their older sites (eg GCSE sites on the Dictators) use The Wayback machine to find them again!
  • Discovery The school site of the TV company. Especially useful is Puzzlemaker for easy word searches, crossword puzzles and more, made by you using their web site...
  • pbsteachersource US Public Broadcasting Service site helps preK-12 (secondary) educators learn effective ways to incorporate online tools in the classroom through nearly 4,000 free lesson plans, teachers' guides, homeschooling guidance and other resourceful activities - all correlated to national and state curriculum standards.
  • TES Teaching resources Over 282,211 free teaching resources to use in your classroom
  • Unfortunately, more and more commercial sites are becoming just that: subscription only. So unless you can get your college/school to subscribe ....

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3. "Traditional" resources on the web: documents,
     libraries & museums

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  • Spartacus Enough said!
  • Sources on the web Excellent teacher resource on document usage from the Center for History and New Media, George Mason University. Well structured with guides for students on using sources.
Documents online are one of the real advantages the web brings to history teaching. For a full selection see casahistoria searches (Documents) or the individual casahistoria pages.

Libraries and museums - some examples
  • Most provide resources and materials for teachers. You should google for an appropriate/local one and then see what the museum site offers you. Many offer a great deal eg US Holocaust Museum; UK National Archives (It's new revamp provides many more materials for teachers); British Library.  Some though, are better than others .... Caen Memorial
  • The best museum sites now offer an interactive feel that allows them to be used as a classroom activity, even without a visit!: eg In Flanders Fields Museum (but beware the zippier sites like this with vision & sound and flash will need fast meaty networks to run them with a class at once!)
  • Virtual Library museums For a list of museums on the web from WWW-Virtual library. Howvere the WWW-VL is most useful for the next entry:
  • WWW-VL History Central Catalogue an internet library if ever there was one. Huge listings (not annotated but exhaustive!). This is the European 'annex'. The USA Mirror is at Indiana University.
      and if after all that you feel the need to talk....

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4. Displays

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Many have a US bias, but can be filterered through if you are elsewhere..

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