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(Extracts from N Pereira's article in History Today Vol. 42, August 1992)

1879 December Iosif Vissarionovich Dzugashvili (Stalin) born in Georgia.
1899 Begins working for the Social Democratic Party.
1910 Adopts the name Stalin - 'man of steel'.  
1902-13 Arrested eight times, exiled seven times, escaped six times.
1912 Appointed to Bolshevik Central committee.
1913-17 Exiled in Siberia.

1917 Returns to Petrograd following February Revolution and becomes editor of Pravda.
1917 October Bolshevik Revolution. Stalin appointed Chairman for Nationality Affairs in Sovnarkom.
1917 December Armistice agreed at Brest-Litovsk
1918-20 Civil War
1918 January Constituent Assembly meets, and is closed 24 hours later by Sovnarkom.
1918 March Treaty of Brest-Litovsk signed.
1918 July Tsar and his family murdered at Ekaterinburg.
1918 September Red Terror introduced
1919-23 Stalin Commissar for State control.
1919 March Bolshevik Party becomes the Communist party.
1920 November Civil War ends
1922 Stalin appointed General Secretary of the Communist Party.
1922-3 Lenin suffers a series of strokes.
1924 January Lenin dies.

1924 Lenin's testament, criticising Stalin, suppressed.
1925-9 Stalin allies first with right, and then with the left to remove his rivals for power.
         Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, and Bukharin removed
1929 Stalin achieves supreme power.
1929 Collectivisation introduced. 300,000 Kulak families deported.
1929-32 Famine causing death of 5-6 million peasants.
1928-32 First Five Year Plan.
1932-7 Second Five Year Plan.
1935 Stakhanovite movement begins.
1935 Great Purge begins following the murder of Kirov in 1934.
1936 Show trials begin.
1937 Purge of Armed Forces begins.
1939 Nazi-Soviet Pact

1939-41 Soviet Army expands into Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania and Finland.
1941 Neutrality pact signed with Japan.
1941 June Germany invades Russia.
1941-44 Siege of Leningrad
1943 German Army defeated and captured at Stalingrad.
1943 Soviet Army goes on the offensive.
1943 Tehran Conference
1944 'The Year of the Ten Victories' - Germany driven out of Russia.
         Soviet Armies enter Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.
1945 Soviet Armies enter Germany.
1945 February Yalta Conference.
1945 May Soviet Armies capture Berlin.

1945-9 Iron Curtain established over eastern Europe.
1946-50 Fourth Five Year Plan.
1953 Stalin dies.

































































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