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1. General
2. Colonial Uruguay
The Missions
3. Independence
José Gervacio Artigas
4. War & Insurrection
5. Industry
Corned Beef | Railways
6. 20th century
Unrest & terror
7. Military Government

Background: the Tupamaros | Military Government | Uruguay & Operation Condor | Repression

8. Modern Uruguay
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Useful English language sites on the history of Uruguay are limited. These links indicate some of the more valuable. I would be grateful for suggestions of others to include, in Spanish, as well as English.  



1. General
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casahistoria: Latin America visit the casahistoria general Latin American page for many more background sites.








2. Colonial Uruguay
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Catholic Missions in latin America Go to this casahistoria site for extensive links to the pre-independence period


The Missions
  (North east Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, southern Brazil)
  • Spanish Missions in the Lowlands Regions of South America Thorough visual and graphical presentation of the Jesuit missions of the Uruguay/ Brazil/ Argentina/ Paraguay region. Very clear. By R H Jackson. Powerpoint pdf file.
  • the faro, lighthouse, in colonial colonia. Click for a bigger image! The Jesuit Missions of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil Plans, pictures, population data, brief textual outlines. Very thorough, set out by modern country. By R H Jackson. Powerpoint pdf file.
  • Sao Lourenco Martir Sao Lourenco Martir Jesuit Mission to the Guarani Survey of the San Lorenzo Mission in modern day Argentina. R H Jackson introduces this powerpoint with: " In the 1680s, the Jesuits returned to the territory east of the Uruguay River, and eventually moved/established seven missions in the region. Two, San Juan Bautista and San Lorenzo, were established with Guarani populations from existing missions. The Portuguese establishment of Colonia do Sacramento near Buenos Aires in the Banda Oriente prompted the return to the disputed borderlands".  Illustrated with contemporary pictures, modern images and data. Pdf file Click for an even larger version
  • San Lorenzo Martir: A Jesuit Mission in the Service of Spanish Policy Essay by R H Jackson relating the Mission to the area around Colonia and rivalry with the Portuguese.
  • The Population of San Lorenzo Martir Mission, 1690-1827 This RH Jackson essay examines the evolution of the population of San Lorenzo Martir mission, established at a site east of the Uruguay River in 1690, and the consequences of the Guarani living on the mission of a series of mortality crises in the Jesuit missions of Paraguay between 1730 and 1740 that is well documented in contemporary censuses
  • San Miguel Mission to the Guarani By R H Jackson. Thorough visual and graphical presentation. Very clear. Powerpoint pdf file.


3. Independence

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Wars of Independence See also the casahistoria Latin Americas site to place the Argentine wars in their continental context

José Gervacio Artigas
  • José Gervasio Artigas About.com article, well linked to introductory articles on the other liberators by Bonnie Hamre.
  • José Artigas Biography of José Gervacio Artigas from Argentina's Clarin newspaper
  • La Biblioteca Artiguista Información histórica sobre el General José Gervasio Artigas. Detailed account of his life and work. in Spanish
  • José Gervacio Artigas Concise but worthy bio from the Cambridge History of Latin American Literature by Roberto González Echevarría, Enrique Pupo-Walker


4. War and Insurrection 

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The Triple Alliance War




5. Industry

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Meat Processing: Corned beef




6. 20th century

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For more on the nazi involvement in this part of latin America see the casahistoria site Perόn & the Nazi's



Unrest and terrorism



7. Military Government 1973-85 

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The background: the Tupamaros


Military Government


  The Military Regimes For casahistoria links to the military regimes of other Latin American states at this time 

Uruguay & Operation Condor


  • A surviving Ford Falcon on Uruguay's streets today Church Cowed by Uruguayan Military 1977 detailed article on how the regime repressed the Catholic Church in Uruguay by Penny Lernoux, Latin American correspondent for The Nation.For more from the authors "Cry of the People -The struggle for human rights in Latin America and the Catholic Church in conflict with US policy", click here.       §
  • Servicio Paz y Justicia (SERPAJ), Uruguay (Slow to load) site dedicated to Uruguayan disappeared.
  • Collective Memories of the Trauma of Political Disappearance: Reflections on the Case of the Disappeared Political Detainees in the Aftermath of Uruguay’s State Terror (1985-2001)" Research article prepared for conference presentation. Looks at impact of repression in Uruguay. By Gabriela Fried, California State University Los Angeles.


and today?
  • Uruguay Human Rights Watch page for recent updates on the legal moves to bring the military regime perpetrators to justice go to this page. Very useful links to current articles from newspapers world wide.
  • Uruguayan Peace Commission Examines progress towards following through on the repression of the military period. Contains useful historical intro.


8. Modern Uruguay  

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For current developments to the national history themes:



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